Annabelle Denson

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After 36 years as a veterinarian, retirement has allowed me to explore my love of drawing, colours and form.  I am inspired by the landscape of rural Alberta and paint the scenes all around the farm where I live.  I have always been captivated by the long, low prairie horizon and the stunning colours of sunrise and sunset.  I love the ever-changing cloud patterns in Alberta skies and flowing long undulating ribbons of country roads as they crisscross Rocky View County.  As a veterinarian, I am also drawn to wildlife, birds and livestock.  Capturing these subjects as a photographer has been a lifelong interest and my recent retirement has given me the time to explore these subjects on canvas as well.  I feel a close connection to the colours and textures of the fields and pastures of the foothills and strive to capture the seasonal activities of farming.

I experimented with watercolours many years ago but went to acrylics when I returned to painting in 2018.  I have also explored landscapes with pastels and found I really liked the dramatic effects that could be achieved with light and dark to express the subtle colours of clouds, sky, snow and water.  Blending these two mediums, I use mixed media techniques using acrylic and pastel as well as various types of print making, linocut, monotype and dry point.  I joined the Cochrane Art Club in 2018 and enjoy the opportunities to learn and create with this group.

  Annabelle can be reached at: