Bob Morris

R. F. (Bob) Morris was born in Stratford, Ontario.  He has lived in the northern boreal forest cities of Canada for over 35 years and took non-credit level watercolour painting courses at Keyano College, Fort McMurray. In 2007 Bob moved to Calgary and lives on the western edge of the city overlooking the Bow Valley with vistas of the Rocky Mountains.

Bob's northern lights paintings have been exhibited at galleries in Fort McMurray and can be found in private collections in England, Germany, South Africa, Japan, the United States and most of the provinces in Canada.  

Since moving to Calgary, Bob is now focusing his watercolour painting on local subject matter such as mountain scenery and the western lifestyle.

Bob has been an active member of the Cochrane Art Club since 2009.

You can reach Bob at:                                           or 403-241-7810.