Darcy Presiloski

PRESILOSKI, Darcy  Headshot.jpeg

What you know, you paint.  The first artwork I remember creating was a drawing of a horse.  I think I was 5.  I lived on a farm with the usual cast of farm animals and there was also the opportunity to see lots of wildlife including skunks and snakes (yes, there are stories).  

The farm in southern Alberta where I lived for part of my childhood was homesteaded by my grandfather.  In the barn I saw horse collars from his Belgium draft horses.  I collected eggs in the chicken coop he built. I played on old horse-drawn farm equipment.  A horse was my babysitter at times.  All of these things influence what I paint.

My favourite subject is horses although cows and dogs and cats and cowboys are close seconds.  I paint ranch and rodeo themes from photos taken at brandings, round-ups, local rodeos and from the side of a country road.  Recently I have ventured into wildlife art. Mostly I work in oils but enjoy graphite, pastels and watercolour.

I like to paint moments and the stories I see. Some pieces are simply created to allow the viewer to enjoy the moment and others provide a perspective of the western way of life that not everyone is privileged to see. 

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