Judy Kalas

Kalas, Judy. Head shot

I was born in Windsor, Ontario and as a child I was always busy collecting pretty rocks and chasing butterflies not realizing then that this passion for nature would later inspire my paintings.

My work as an interior decorator allowed me to play with colour, line, shape and space on a daily basis and satisfied my artistic needs.

During this busy time in my life I always sketched but it wasn't until I retired that I began to paint more seriously.  In 2014 I met and studied with internationally renowned nature artist Terry Isaac who introduced me to acrylic paints and his method of photo realism.  Terry was my mentor until his death in 2019.  Through the years I have had the privilege to study with several well known wildlife artist like Denis Myer Jr., David Langivine, David Kitler and a week-long master class with Robert Bateman.

Through my art I hope to encourage everyone to enjoy special moments in nature.

I am represented by the Peace Gallery North in Fort St. John and the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.  

Judy can be reached at: