Mary McNeil

Mary by George Barr.jpg

Mary comes from Quito, Ecuador and now makes her home in Cochrane.  She was formally educated in both the Legal profession and as an educator teaching art at the high school level. Mary also studied languages, cultural clothing design, history, business administration and accounting.

Coming from a very artistic family, she has been involved with art since she was seven years old.  Many of Mary's family work as commercial artists, painters and gallery owners.  Mary first started painting using oils but in recent years migrated to using acrylics.

Inspiration for her paintings comes from her love of nature, landscapes and urban design studied during her many travels around the world.  She restarted her painting career a few years ago to take her mind off treatments for cancer.  This renewed her passion for creating her art and prompted her to explore the use of various mediums and painting styles.

Mary can be contacted at: